Titan Casket Tree Pod Burials: An organic and eco-friendly choice

Methuen, MA, United States, March 20, 2024- A tree pod burial is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional burials. It involves burying a deceased person’s ashes in an egg-shaped pod or urn, which is then buried inside the earth as a seed. Above this pod, a tree that the deceased person chose in life will be planted. The remains are used as a natural fertilizer for the tree, which will be cared for and tended to by their family and friends. This way, the person who passed away will be honored and remembered forever. 

The history of the tree pod burial

Burial in a tree pod is a fairly new concept, because traditionally, humans are embalmed and buried in coffins or caskets. However, the chemicals used in embalming as well as the non-biodegradable materials used in many coffins are not very favorable to the planet. They can be quite harmful to the environment over the long run. 

To work around this and to remove the taboo surrounding death, Adriano Del Ferro and Francesco D’Angelo — two Italian designers — launched the Capsula Mundi project in 2016. They came up with the idea of an eco-friendly egg-shaped pod to hold the remains of a deceased person. 

The tree burial pod was originally conceived in two different versions — a small one and a large one. The small pod is designed to hold the ashes of a person who has passed away, while the large pod is, in theory, designed to hold the whole body of a person — placed in the fetal position and wrapped in natural, biodegradable fiber.

The larger pod has not yet been tried or implemented in a burial, partly because green burials are not legal yet in Italy, which is the country where the Capsula Mundi project has been headquartered. However, the smaller pod, which is designed to hold the ashes of your loved one, does make a tree pod burial possible.

How does a tree pod burial work? 

In case you are interested in holding a green burial for a loved one, or if you want to have a tree pod burial for yourself when the time comes, it is important to know the finer details of the process. So, here’s a closer look at how a burial in a tree pod works. 

  • Before the burial: Tree and pod selection

Before the burial is even planned, you will have to select the tree that you want planted on your tree burial pod. You can do this when you are still healthy and well, so your loved ones need not worry about these things later. Alternatively, in case you are terminally ill, you can still look at the options and make a decision. And if you are planning to purchase a pod for a loved one who has passed away, you need to look at the different tree options and make a choice based on what you think they may have wanted. 

  • The actual process of the burial

During the actual process of the burial in a tree pod, the ashes of the cremated person are placed inside the urn. The top of this urn is then screwed and closed, and the urn is interred into the earth in a place that you (or the person who has passed away) has chosen. It is best to choose a location that holds some meaning to yourself, your friends and/or family. Accessibility is also an important factor to consider here, so someone can always tend to the tree and take care of it. 

  • After the tree pod burial: Caring for the tree

Once the egg-shaped pod is buried, the tree of choice is planted directly above it. It can then be nurtured like any other tree. Meanwhile, the biodegradable urn underneath the tree is reclaimed by the earth and contributes to the soil that nourishes the tree, thus giving your loved one a beautiful way to be honored and remembered forever. 

Considering a green burial? There are many options available today

If you are considering a green burial — whether for yourself or for a loved one who has recently passed on — you have many options available to you. Eco-friendly burial urns, living urns and the tree pod burial are some of the most popular alternatives. You can find many affordable biodegradable urns in our online store, since Titan Casket has partnered with The Living Urns Company to bring you more options to facilitate a green burial for your loved one.

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